I am confessed theatre addict who lived in London for six  years and even after relocating to Germany I have  frequently come back to see some more productions . One of my earliest memories is seeing Michael Kitchen running between wonky card board walls in the BBC version of “Comedy of Errors” on German TV .  I was seven and didn’t understand a word of English but it all looked rather exciting….  I have been in love with British theatre ever since…. I have seen a lot of plays in ten years and sometimes found the newspaper and Time Out reviews on them rather odd. Had the critics seen a different play from me or were they bribed/drunk/ under the influence of narcotics (delete as appropriate)? This is why I decided to start this blog, to give an independent opinion on current plays. And also because my colleagues looked at me with blank faces when I gushed about some recent productions I had seen and changed the subject to Britain Got Talent…



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